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News | 05/12/2007

WAVEManager™ Version 2.0.3 Released:

Version 2.0.3 of the WAVEManager™ control panel was released today and added some new features including:

  • Added the ability to Batch Add data entities such as products and user lists from a comma separated values (.csv) that can be created in Excel and most popular spreadsheet applications. 
  • Added Website Properties to the Website Settings menu so that common values can be cached and referenced in the website.
  • Added the ability to forward to a default page when a user logs into the website.
  • Improved the Data Entity edit screens by allowing entities with child values to be edited in the same screen. For example, if you wished to create a survey, you might have a question entity and answer entities. You could enter or edit a question and its answers in the same screen.
  • Integrated AWStats web log analyzer to report common statistics such as hits and visitors.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our clients make our products better!


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